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Warehouse and Factory Heating Leeds
Bardsley & co. service ambi rad heaters in Wakefield
Commercial gas engineers in Wakefield by Bardsey & co.
Bardsley & co. commercial heating installation
Unit Heaters
Tube Heaters


We provide space heating services for all types of spaces, from small dwellings to the largest factories and temporary shelters.

Our services include:

  • Supply

  • Installation

  • Service

  • Repair

Typical Customers

  • Warehouses

  • Manufacturing facilities

  • Service garages

  • Play areas

  • Events companies 

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Be aware of the dangers of un maintained air heating systems

Know the type of appliance you have:

Tube heater - usually suspended from the roof or beams with long tubes in a straight line of maybe a U tube design. These heaters fire hot gasses into a tube and the heat transfers from the hot gasses into the tube and this heat radiates out to surfaces near by. Faults usually occur when these type of units have dirty fans or blocked tubes due to poor maintenance. Pressure switch faults are very common. These type of units might not have a chimney attached which is allowed, but this can result in exposure to harmful levels of Carbon monoxide if the heater isn't burning fuel effectively.

Unit heater - usually a box shaped unit with vents on the front, with a fan at the rear and suspended from the roof or beams. These heaters fire hot gasses into a fin shaped heat exchanger or through a tube shaped heat exchanger inside the case. The heat exchanges from the gasses to the material of the tube or fins and this heat is blown around the occupied space. Common faults on these type units are cracked heat exchangers which means the harmful gasses can be blown into the space where people are if the heater is not burning fuel effectively this could result in exposure to harmful levels of Carbon Monoxide.

Cabinet Heater - similar a unit heater but this unit stands on the floor usually around 2m tall with vents or ducting on the top. This heater fires hot gasses into a drum shaped heat exchanger where the hot gasses transfer heat to material of the heat exchanger and this heat is blown through the vents or ducting. Common problems occur when these systems are "over fired" meaning the burner is not set up correctly for the heater and can result in warping, cracking and premature failure of the appliance these scenarios can be dangerous due to exposure to Carbon Monoxide but also fire dependant on the environment.

These types of systems are safe, reliable and very effective even with one annual inspection or service. 

We provide our customers all they need to ensure they are safe and warm all year around. 

Should your appliance have failed then we can provide replacements and new installations cheaper than online stores. 

commercial warehouse heater controls installation by Bardsey & co.

Heater Controls

We install commercial heating controls for space heaters, warm air heating and much more in Wakefield. 

You can save a lot of money by upgrading or configuring your heating controls to suit your exact needs. 

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